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St. Jacob Road Lazdijai d.

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Briefly about the route
39 km
21.5 h.
Route surface
30% Asphalt
50% Dirt road
20% Forest path
1% Singletrack

St. The road of Jacob (Camino Lituano) is based on the road of Camino Se Santiago in Spain. Translated from Spanish, camino Lithuanian means the way through Lithuania or the Lithuanian way.

The most famous place of pilgrimage in the world is the city of Santiago de Compostela in Spain, the tomb of St. James the Apostle in the cathedral and a network of roads extending throughout Spain. Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims visit the Camino de Santiago every year.

However, St. Jacob's roads to Spain also lead from other European countries, and pilgrims from all over Europe traveled to Santiago.

Each country in Western Europe has its own St. The roads of Jacob with their names in the language of that country: French - Chemin de Saint Jacques, German - Jakobsweg, English - Saint James ways, Belgian and Dutch - Jacobsroute, etc.

Pilgrimages are currently provided for in each country individually and throughout Europe.

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