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The restaurant - guest house "Gojus" - for discerning people who value convenience, comfort and masterpieces of European cuisine, will organize an exclusive celebration for you and your guests. It is convenient to celebrate weddings, anniversaries, christenings, other personal holidays, company banquets or conferences here. The spacious banquet hall can accommodate 70 guests, the restaurant - more than 30. Guest house "Gojus" is located in the very center of Lazdijai, in front of the church. This is a whole complex of services for your celebration, entertainment and relaxation at the same time. Here we will pamper you not only with gourmet dishes of special taste, but also with the pleasures of several types of saunas and creative baths. The best gift for your loved one or anniversary is a spa treatment to refresh the mind and soul. For those who like active recreation, "Goju" has a gym, which turns into a movie space in the evenings. After a lot of entertainment, you can relax in a cozy apartment. 18 guests can stay here. Restaurant - guest house "Gojus" - for your business and personal celebrations. Everything is created for your special moment.

We would also like to introduce and invite you to visit the small historical exhibition corner of our Big House on the third floor, created by Rūta and Gintas.
The icing on the cake of this exhibition is the work of Sofija Kanaverskytė - a painting entitled "Revaluation of Values". The author says the following about him:
"Today the whole world has turned into a market. Human relationships are based on money: political, cultural, religious and personal. Christ, holding a rhombus in his hand, is pointing at the flow of money, expressing his attitude towards the emphasized monetary value. Where have spiritual values disappeared.''
Material values always remain. They are alive in things, photos, memories. We all cultivate spiritual values in order to remain great people.

You can view the exhibition for free during the restaurant's opening hours.




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