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Transportation services

Lazdijai Veža ( )

During the implementation of the "Increasing Energy Efficiency in Lithuania" project, the Lazdijai district municipality purchased three eight-seater electric cars and installed two charging stations, developed a mobile app and established a call center.

The goal of the project is to replace part of the polluting public transport and eliminate mobility deserts in the area. The "door-to-door" system of outsourced services and movement will include three transport zones A - Lazdijai, B - Seirijai, C - Veisiejai, as it allows to conveniently connect trips throughout the district. It is estimated that the maximum travel distance that can be booked is 35 km, when the service is provided on weekdays from 8 am. until 5 p.m. Itineraries are also included.

People have the ability to book trips and track the trip in real time. Every resident of the area can order the service for a trip from their home to a destination in their city through the website, mobile app and call center. The system has an algorithm that organizes the allocation of reservations to routes. You can pay for the trip on the website and mobile app, although for the first year all trips are free for residents. After making a reservation and paying through the website or app, the user is always guaranteed a seat in the car for his trip, and algorithms calculate how to get to the pick-up and drop-off points faster and more conveniently, picking up other passengers along the way.

Residents can order the necessary trip in the territory of Lazdijai district:

You can write your proposals for the provision of the service by e-mail. by mail [email protected]

The service "Lazdijai veža" provided by the municipality of Lazdijai district is financed by the funds of the LIFE program of the European Union and the project "Increasing energy efficiency in Lithuania" (No. LIFE20 IPC/LT/000002) (LIFE IP EnerLIT) implemented by the Republic of Lithuania.

This article represents the view of the project partners, the European Commission is not responsible for any use of this information.

Taxi services in Lazdijai

Tel. +370 657 66 066

  • Free call in the city of Lazdijai.
  • We work around the clock.
  • We carry 1-8 passengers.
  • We deliver safely, comfortably, quickly.
  • We buy the item you ordered and deliver it to your home.
  • If necessary, we drive the car.
  • We recommend pre-booking a car.