Boat trips

Boat trips on Lake Galstas, rent of pontoon boat " Simona"

Tel. no .: +370 625 81596
It is a pontoon, two-story boat "Simona". The ship can accommodate up to 20 people. On the second floor of the ship you can sunbathe on the sun loungers, or explore the beautiful landscape of Lake Galstas. The ship has all the equipment needed to have a great time. The equipment is assembled individually each time. This is a wonderful and exclusive place to celebrate your most memorable holidays.
While sailing this boat you will see the beautiful shores, cliffs, fauna and flora of Lake Galstas. The area of the lake is 386 ha. The lake has many fish. 17 species of fish are caught here.
Rental price for 1 hour is 43 Eur.
The ship is rented for at least 3 hours.
The price is negotiable if the ship is rented for more than 3 hours.


Travel by Ančia Port Raft

The raft of Ančia port starts on Lake Ančia in Veisiejai. While swimming, you can not only admire the nature panorama of Lake Ančia, but also see the defensive fortification of Vainežeris and   mound of Mėčiūnai.

The raft can accommodate up to 11 people at a time. The hourly rate is 15 euros.

More information: Tel. +370 686 63665


Yacht rental

Rent by phone +370 69655464