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Dusios ežero žiedas

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Briefly about the route
35 km
20 h.
Route surface
90% Asphalt
5% Dirt road
5% Forest path
1% Singletrack

Ring of Dusias Lake

The start and end of the route: Metėliai Regional Park Directorate
Route length: 25 km or 34 km
Duration of the trip: About 3 hours.
Difficulty of the route: Medium
Places to visit:

  • St. Chapel of the Virgin Mary (Crosses),
  • Giraitė mound,
  • Verstamin mounds,
  • Prelomčiška Mound,
  • snow,
  • Church of the Transfiguration of Christ in Metelei

The route is marked:

Additional information about the route is provided by:

VšĮ Lazdijai tourism information center
Vilniaus st. 1 LT-67106 For sticks
email p.: [email protected]
Phone: +370 318 51 160, +370 318 66 130

Metelii Regional Park Group
Phone: +370 620 65 819



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