Public Institution "Lazdijai Tourism Information Center"

Mound of Verstaminai I


The mound is located on a separate hill on the eastern shore of a drained lake. The site is in the shape of a slightly irregular circle, 17 m in diameter, surrounded on all sides by an embankment of 127 m long, 28 m wide, 3 m high in the southwestern and 4.5 m high in the northwestern sides. The slopes are of medium steepness, 7-10 m high. In the southern part, the embankment was dug across to help drain the water that accumulates in the site. A basement pit has been dug on the northern slope of the embankment. The mound is overgrown with thinned trees. The area of the mound with a settlement is 1.16 ha. The mound dates back to the 1st millennium - the beginning of the 2nd millennium.