Place of Lithuanian partisan fighting and death (Mockoniai village)

The struggle for freedom

In this place, in Šilo forest, next to the then growing and still oak tree, in the former Vaickūniškės village, now, according to the cadastral division, this place is in Mockoniai village, on May 29, 1948. Deputy Minister Gen. Kapralov, Chief of the Board of the USSR MGB gen. ltn. Burmac and unknown commander of 284 rifle regiment, partisans of Mindaugas homeland of Šarūnas team of Dainava district killed: Kubilius-Varpas, platoon leader Pranas Milkevičius-Vilkas, str. 1919 (1918?) M. Spartai village, Albinas Pavilonis-Rytas, st. 1929 Stays, now Lazdijai district, Juozas Uzdila-Ožys, st. 1916 (1919?) M. Agar, in Dab. Lazdijai district, Jonas Zdanavičius-Vytis, st. 1927, Gražulių k., Dab. Alytus r. Note: partisan J. Zdanavičius-Vytis was buried after the battle near Lake Metelis, the tomb was included in the register of cultural values (uk 29506, L1562), a temporary cross did not survive, the tomb was not found. The graves of other partisans are likely in Seiriai.

Information and photos from the website of the Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture; Register of Immovable Cultural Property, unique object code 29553




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