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The place of the struggle and death of Lithuanian partisans Stasys Soroka-Mindaugas and Leonas Ivoska-Lapinas

The struggle for freedom

Stasys Soroka-Mindaugas, the commander of the Veisiejai Battalion of Dainava District, was killed in this place in the battles with the NKVD on December 20, 1945. 1926 (1924?) M. Paveisininkų k., Dab. Lazdijai d. and his adjutant Leon Ivoška-Lapin, g. 1925 Petroškės village, now Lazdijai d. By the order of Lieutenant Colonel Kazimieraitis of the Commander of the Partisans of Southern Lithuania on May 1, 1945 (07?) No. D 10 Mindaugas was appointed Commander of the Veisiejai Battalion. Partisans Stasys Soroka-Mindaugas and Leonas Ivoška-Lapinas are buried in Veisiejai, their grave, unique code 22015 of the KV register.

Information and photos from the website of the Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture; Register of Immovable Cultural Property, unique object code 29539