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The place of the struggle and death of Jonas Neifalta-Lakūnas, the leader of the Lithuanian partisan platoon

The struggle for freedom

In this place, on November 20, 1945, Jonas Neifalta-Lakūnas, the commander of the partisan platoon of the Dzūkija region (later Dainava district), died in the battles with the Chekists. 1913, living. Giraitė village, Šventežeris district, Seinai district, now Lazdijai d. NKVD Krosnos vlsč. After the military-Chekist group of soldiers of the subdivision and the border army surrounded the partisan platoon in Atesninkai village, the partisans retreated towards Kalniškė forest, the wounded commander J. Neifalta-Lakūnas killed the runaway Chekist and shot himself. On May 16, 1945, J. Neifalta-Lakūnas led an assembly of 100-120 partisans in one of the largest and most tragic battles of Kalniškės with several times more numerous NKVD forces.

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