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Place of Lithuanian partisan fights and death (Vytautiškės village)

The struggle for freedom

December 23, 1947, partisans of Juozas Karašauskas-Liepas platoon of the 44th company of Vytautas team of Tauras district, staying in Balis Šetakauskas homestead, Vytautiškės village, Krosna district, Marijampolė district, December 23. soldiers of the 34th Rifle Regiment of the MGB Internal Army and MGB Marijampolė aps. Division Military Task Force. 3 partisans were killed while fighting enemies: chain leader Juozas Navickas-Liūtas, str. 1927, living Varnupiai village, Liudvinavas county, Marijampolė district. He was recognized as a volunteer soldier on June 24, 1999, Oscar Iling (Ilink) -Oskar, st. 1922 Berlin, Germany. Austras. Prisoner of war. Partisan since 1947. April, Juozas Svinkūnas (Svenkūnas) -Šamas, st. 1921, living. Dzingiškių village, Gudelių village, Marijampolė district. Partisan since 1945. Squad leader J. Karašauskas-Liepa was arrested. The bodies of the dead partisans were despised in Krosna, later buried behind Krosna mstl. cemetery. On October 7, 1989, the remains of partisans were moved and buried in Marijampolė (Bliūdžiškės) cemetery, Tylioji st., Now - Lithuanian partisan graves (uk 38850).

Information and photos from the website of the Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture; Register of Immovable Cultural Property, unique object code 40229