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Place of Lithuanian partisan fighting and death (Barčiūnai village)

The struggle for freedom

In this place, in the hiding place-bunker installed in the former Asadauskai homestead and next to it, in the battles with MGB Veisiejai district on September 15, 1950. Juozas Vailionis-Bedalis, Commander of the 3rd Squad of Mindaugas Homeland of Dainava District, was killed by a military-Chekist group of the 1st Division. 1927 (1928?) M. Paliūnai village Antis Majauskas-Pabėgėlis, commander of the 3rd platoon of A. Juozapavičius homeland, Veisiejai region. 1928 Paserninkai village, Seirijai district, partisan of the same homeland Vytautas Kalvinskas-Pavasaris, Nevėžis, str. 1929, living. Paserninkai and Vladas Misiūnas-Bijūnas, g. 1928 Ročkių k., Seirijų vlsč.

Information and photos from the website of the Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture; Register of Immovable Cultural Property, unique object code 29572