Veisiei regional park group of the Dzūkija-Suvalkija protected areas directorate


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Veisiejai Regional Park covers an area of 12,259.12 ha. The largest lakes are Ančia, Snaigynas, Šlavantas, Verniejus. Most lakes have a complicated shoreline, carved bottom, and winding rivers. A unique natural space is situated between the lakes of Šlavantėlis and Liūnelis. Such diversity of rare species and communities in such a small area is not found anywhere else in Lithuania. Natural streams are important habitats for otters and their migration. There is an 18 c. planted park by Lake Ančia. Ringėliškė botanical zoological reserve has mature forests, beetles and rare species of eagles hatching their eggs. Valuable populations of tree frogs and pond turtles can be found in Veisiejai Regional Park. There are three mounds: Mėčiūnai mound, which is overgrown with forest and is most easily accessible by Ančia Lake; Šlavantai mound with hornbeam trees and very rare medicinal hard grain growing on its slopes; Vainežeris mound with ancient defensive fortifications known to locals as "Okopka". Šlavantas and Šlavantėlis inter-lake with Šlavantėlis Lake, north-west and south coast of Verniejus, northern part of Ančia Lake, and shores of Lake Snaigynas are great for recreational purposes. On a hot summer day, it
is fun to swim in the lakes of Veisiejai Regional Park, which have sloping sandy bottoms. The regional park, located in the wooded and lakelike region of southwestern Lithuania, is a wellliked rest and relaxation place for the inhabitants of many surrounding and further away cities. For lovers of land travels, walking trails are recommended, which total length is 5.3 km. Water travel lovers can enjoy a kayak or boat trip in the lakes of Veisiejai. A 30 km long boat route through nine lakes and rivers connecting them start at Lake Snaigynas. Traveling in this route is not only good for relaxation, but also a great opportunity for many unexpected encounters with valuable objects of nature. Veisiejai Regional Park Visitor Centre is located in the pavilion of the former Veisiejai manor. In the centre you can visit and get acquainted with the interactive exposition "Life between the Waters".


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