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The place of the struggle and death of Lithuanian partisans Juozas Juškevičius-Linas and Albertas Kėkštas-Kęstutis

The struggle for freedom

According to the message received by the agent, nicknamed Eglė, that partisans were hiding in the bunker of Varževičienė's house near the eigula, MGB organized an operation in Živulciškės forest on November 5, 1949. The head of the MGB Minister Assistant Kučiuginas and the Head of the MGB Lazdijai Division Maj. Alexeyev, the head of the MGB Alytus division Bogomolov and a group of 30 soldiers took part. The partisans fought and then committed suicide. Killed: Partisans of A. Juozapavičius homeland of Šainūnas team of Dainava district: Juozas Juškevičius-Linas, str. 1927 Panemunė village, Seirijai district, now Lazdijai district, Albertas Kėkštas-Kęstutis, st. 1927 In New Vilnius. The monument was created, built with his own funds by Bronius Kašelionis, Krikštonių village, blacksmith - Juozas Varnelis, Veisiejai village.

Information and photos from the website of the Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture; Register of Immovable Cultural Property, unique object code 29533