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The place of the struggle and death of Commander Vladas Stepulevičius (Stepulis) -Mindaugas and partisan Antanas Vabuolas-Bijūnas

The struggle for freedom

On May 18, 1947, in Janėnai village, Lugauskas homestead, according to some data, according to one data, during the operation organized by the MGB, to poison whether the commander of Dainava district Šarūnas team, a member of Tauras district staff, was killed. pr., Vladas Stepulevičius (Stepulis) -Mindaugas, Varguolis, Doctor, Auksutis, st. August 2, 1906 in Janėnai, Šventežeris district, Seinai county, 1927 graduated from the Military School in Kaunas, he was awarded an answer. Lieutenant's degree, and Antanas Vabuolas-Bijūnas, a partisan of the Mindaugas homeland of this team, str. 1923 Stankūnai village, now Lazdijai d.

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