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Švč. Church of the Virgin Mary Scapular in Seirijai


The first church was built in 1537. It is believed that the first church in Seirijai was built by the hetman of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Jurgis Radvila. 1584 Mykolas Radvila built a new brick Evangelical Reformed Church, which after 1655. finally passed to the Catholics. 1744 the church had a hollow roof, collapsing. 1783 this stone-masonry and brick church was with a wooden tower, a tiled roof with a small tower in the middle. There were three wooden altars in the church. 1793–1816 the building was renovated, the entrance hall, a presbytery with two sacristies were presented, and instead of a wooden collapsed tower - a brick one. 1912 a plan for the reconstruction of the church was approved, material was prepared, but the war hampered the work. According to the 1932 engineer Mačiulskis project prepared in 1939. construction of new houses of worship began, but with the outbreak of World War II, work stopped. On June 22, 1941, when the town burned down, the fire of the old church did not touch. 1953–1963 it was repaired, 1963–1977. updated again. It stands in the central part of the town, with the main façade facing west. The cemetery is located in 1939. the remains of the foundations of the church began to be built. The church has Renaissance features, a rectangular plan, a single tower, with a semicircular apse. Inside 3 naves separated by pillars. Cemetery fence with stone masonry and metal wicker.