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Place of Lithuanian partisan fights and death (Bilvyčiai village)

The struggle for freedom

At this place, in O. Černelytė's homestead, after the enemy of MGB agent "Durtuvas" announced the location of the partisan station, on April 19, 1952, at two and a half hours. in battles with the Chekist unit, led by the head of the MGB Lazdijai division. ltn. Šmatavičius, Deputy Commander of the MGB Internal Security 8 Team, Col. Koreichenko and MGB Lazdijai branch chief. Partisans of Mindaugas Homeland of Dainava District Šarūnas Team: Kostas Jankauskas-Vikeris, Commander of the 3rd Squad, killed. 1923 (1927?) M. Miklausiai village, Vytautas Andriuškevičius-Vijoklis, st. 1929 Kirsnelės village, Vincas Dambauskas-Fisher, Jaunutis, str. 1927 (1924?) M. Kamšų village, Sigitas Lastauskas-Aušra, st. 1930 (1928?) M. Rūdnykų village, Antanas Šalaševičius (Šalasevičius?) - Visvydas, str. 1932 Lopiškių village Addition: Before the fighting, the head of the MGB Lazdijai handed over a written call to the partisans to surrender. The partisans replied (in writing): “To the head of the Lazdijai NCB - Our answer is clear, you can open fire. We will die but not give up. Squad leader Vikeris ”.

Information and photos from the website of the Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture; Register of Immovable Cultural Property, unique object code 29538