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Place of Lithuanian partisan fighting and death (Mangaroto village)

The struggle for freedom

MGB received reports from agents Eglė and Silno that in Živulciškės forest, Alytus and Lazdijai aps. The partisans of the Juozapavičius group are hiding at the turn of the 19th century, there may be the headquarters of the Šarūnas team. Head of the MGB Lazdijai Division Maj. Alexeyev and Deputy Head of Division 2-N of the MGB Maj. Lebedev together with MGB Alytus and Varėna aps. the heads of divisions drew up a plan for the operation at the junction of these three counties. On April 23, 1949, partisans of A. Juozapavičius' homeland of Dainava district Šarūnas team were killed in battles with the Chekist army: platoon leader Juozas Klibaras (Klibaravičius) -Gervė, str. 1925 Krikštonių k., Seirijų vlsč., Dab. Noragėlių sen., Juozas Kasiulionis-Kranklys, st. 1922, Gudoniai village, Seirijai district, Bolius Liesionis-Jazminas, st. 1926, Drapalių k., Dab. Druskininkai municipality, Juozas Stravinskas-Sukilėlis, str. Merkinė (Spyrių k.?). The monument was created, built with his own funds by Bronius Kašelionis, Krikštonių village, blacksmith - Juozas Varnelis, Veisiejai village.

Information and photos from the website of the Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture; Register of Immovable Cultural Property, unique object code 29580