Public Institution "Lazdijai Tourism Information Center"

Place of Lithuanian partisan fighting and death (Bajoriškės village)

The struggle for freedom

In this former bunker in this place under unclear circumstances (probably, according to some sources, MGB provocation) on October 9, 1951, partisans of Dainava district Šarūnas team and Mindaugas homeland died: Jonas Balutis-Girėnas, str. 1928, Prygos village, dab. Lazdijai district, Vytautas Blažonis-Spindulys, st. 1930 Mikyčiai village, dab. Lazdijai district, Vladas Liesionis-Jovaras, st. 1930, Mikyčių village, Antanas Motiejūnas-Stipruolis, st. 1934 Ežerėliai village, dab. Lazdijai d.

Information and photos from the website of the Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture; Register of Immovable Cultural Property, unique object code 29557