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Cape Town Church of the Providence of God


Mikalojus Oginskis in Kapčiamiestis in 1724. built a public chapel. in 1744 it is referred to as a branch. 18th century a parish was established in the second half. Since 1777 there was a parish school. To Kapčiamiestis in 1900 appointed priest M. Guoga started to use the Lithuanian language during services. in 1907 The branch of the "Žiburis" society (chairman Reverend Juozas Bridžius) established a library - a reading room. in 1941 June 22 the church burned down. Installed temporary. In 1956, with the care of pastor Aleksanders Labanauskas and with the help of the faithful. the new present church was built. The length of the church is 31 m (porch 2 m, center 22 m, presbytery 7 m), width 11.6 m, height on the sides 4.8 m, in the middle nave 8.75 m, height with the tower 19 m. At the beginning, the church looked simple, but little by little, with some repairs and improvements, it turned out to be a very beautiful, albeit modest, church. The beautified and decorated church acquired features and shades of folk art and began to be valued as an interesting work of folk masters.

The church has a rectangular plan, a single tower, with a porch and an apse. The churchyard fence is stone masonry.