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Fragments of Rudamina Manor


The classicist Rudamina manor began to be built in 1537-1538. of the noble Peter Plikis. Later it belonged to the Skorulski family, the Masalski nobles. Grigalius and Marija Masalskii XVI century. built the first church in Rudamina at the end of 18th century Rudamina was bought by Mikalojus Turčinavičius-Sušickis, the treasurer of the Trakai Voivodeship, who rebuilt and reconstructed the manor buildings that had begun to decay. The classicist manor palace built by M. Turčinavičius-Sušičkis has survived to this day. The estate is surrounded by a 6.5 ha park and ponds. Rudamina manor homestead is unique with the preserved 16th century. wall painting on the facade of the gentlemen's house. From the time of the manor, the palace, the remains of the barn, the park, and the fragments of the pond system have survived to this day.