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Ethnographic homestead of Pranas Dzūkas


The Ethnographic Homestead of Pranas Dzūkas is the largest unit of the Lazdijai Region Museum, which consists of six buildings: a residential house, a granary (barn), a cloon, a forge and two outbuildings. One of the outbuildings has been adapted for stage activities, so the rural amateur theater "Sodžius" operates next to the Ethnographic homestead of Pranas Dzūkas. Large-scale exhibits are stored in the department's spacious buildings: an oil press, a chipping machine, a threshing machine, etc.

The homestead reflects the 20th century. Dzūkija village household of the beginning. Exhibitions of antique farm implements, furniture, and household items await visitors. In the village of Delnica on the initiative of Algirdas Savulis in 1972. this museum was founded, which now commemorates not only the everyday life of the past, but also the now almost extinct village of Delnica, which was between the settlements of Šeštokai and Birutė. Although the homestead belongs to the Dzūkija region from an ethnographic point of view, "rubežius" is not far away. Local residents call the railway two kilometers west of the homestead the border between Dzūkija and Suvalkija regions. The homestead is a little further from busy roads, but is easily accessible, so it is perfect for educational activities, excursions, and celebrations.

The ethnographic homestead of Pranas Dzūkas is like a retirement home, where the younger generation can get to know the past, the older generation can remember their childhood, and the senior generation can remember their youth.

in 2004 The ethnographic homestead of Pranas Dzūkas is attached to the Lazdijai Region Museum as a subdivision.

Educational programs are carried out at the ethnographic homestead of Pranas Dzūkas:
Žilvitis piper (April - June),
Cookies (April - October),
Hard-working bitutė - sweet honeydew (April - October)
Candle production (May - September).

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