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Hiking route on the shores of Lake Ančia

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Briefly about the route
3.7 km
45 min.
Route surface
1% Asphalt
20% Dirt road
80% Forest path
1% Singletrack

Hiking trail on the shores of Lake Ančia

The circular route lasts about 4 km. The footpath stretches forward next to the largest and most beautiful lake in Ančia, Veisiejai Regional Park, and back along forest paths and roads. ( * It is also possible to travel back on the gravel road from Barčiai to Veisiejai ). The route is marked with the arrows of Veisiejai Regional Park, there are also several information stands, and an additional marking of the trail is a green circle.

A walk on the shores of Lake Ančia will be a great opportunity to get acquainted with the biodiversity of the forest - sand carnation, cannabis chamomile, dwarf dwarf and other forest products.

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You can also book a guided tour of the trail.




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