Mars Kitchenette

Fast food
" MARSO KITCHEN " - mobile professional kitchen on wheels with a team of experienced chefs! We currently work in Meteliai village near the beautiful Lake Meteliai, but we also provide outreach services for small and large celebrations, birthdays, baptisms, weddings.
Our team offers everything you could need for an outing buffet or banquet. It is an opportunity to serve food and create conditions for guests to eat wherever you want! We serve the company's events both in nature and indoors!
We come with a trailer of amazing beauty and design, and the Menu can be matched in advance. Our uniqueness is that we can bake pizzas, burgers, various pancakes, barbecue dishes and other dishes with high quality, because all the equipment in our " Martian kitchenette " - hot and fresh dishes are served directly to the guests!

We are waiting for your orders! We are at your service!

For specific working hours in the labels, you can call the specified phone number or you will find the information in our facebook account



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