The pavilion of the former Veisiejai Manor with a park


The beginnings of Veisiejai manor date back to 1501, when the Grand Duke of Lithuania Aleksandras gave these lands to Glinskiai family. In 1613, Radvilos became the owners of Veisiejai. In 1733, the manor was bought by Teodoras Masalskis, and later managed by his sons Andrius and Stanislovas. The manor house, fragments of which have survived to this day, was created by the great Hetman of Lithuania Mykolas Juozapas Masalskis, who was married to Pranciška Oginskaitė. Ignotas Jokūbas Masalskis, the future bishop of Vilnius, was born in their family. During the period of 1743-1745, Mykolas Masalskis, the great Hetman of Lithuania, owner of Veisiejai, completed the U-shaped representative mansion by building two pavilions. From the once luxurious mansion remained only a pavilion - one storey plastered brick building. In 2014, Veisiejai Regional Park Visitor Centre and Park Directorate moved into the only surviving pavilion of Veisiejai Manor, which renovations were funded by the EU Structural Funds.


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