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Sculpture Park "Childhood Garden"


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Did you know that fairytale heroes live in Lazdijai region? You can meet them in the sculpture park "Childhood Garden" located in Kalveliai village. It is a park created on forest land for more than a decade, constantly supplemented with new works created in the annual plein airs of artists and especially loved by the town community. Here the eldership and the city community celebrate various holidays, national and international plein air closures are organized. In the park you can see a mermaid, a turnip trying to uproot grandparents, a dwarf house, ants, bunnies, a snake and other heroes of Lithuanian folk tales. Here you will also find a magical bridge. It is said that all who pass through it are accompanied by happiness. True, this happiness is not so easy to get, it needs to be "earned" by crossing the bridge on only one leg. Not only sculptures are exhibited in the "Childhood Garden", but also various species of trees and shrubs, and a pond has been dug. There are various wooden sculptures with places for respite, decorative benches. Here is a great place for a picnic and a slow rest in beautiful surroundings.