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Mound of Rudamina with Settlement


The mound is one of the most famous monuments of the Yotvingians, who were living in Užnemunė. For defense purposes, the mound was used in the V -XIV centuries. It is situated on a hill formed in four times during the postglacial period, which is 198 m high, 60 m wide and 83 m long. The early fortified settlement was guarded by a wooden fence at the edge of the hill. Wooden defensive fortifications rose above the embankment. One of the most powerful Yotvingian castles, Duke Ringaudas castle, was built on the mound in 1240. According to legend, Mindaugas was crowned the king in this castle. It is believed, that the castle was destroyed by the Teutonic Knights in 1381, when gunpowder bombs were used for storming.