Mound of Gumbeliai


The mound is located on the southern edge of a separate hill. The length of the hill is about 350 m in the north-south direction, the width is about 145–180 m. In its shape, the mound resembles a truncated cone. The highest slope is more than 20 m high, the others are 7-9 m high. The lowest is the northern slope. In the upper part, the slopes are leveled, steeper. The site is oval, elongated in the north-east-southwest direction, 18 m long and 11 m wide, surrounded by an embankment  of 0.6 m high and 7 m wide. Its southern edge is slightly lower. On the south and east sides, 1.5 m below the embankment, is a 4 m wide terrace. The mound dates back to the I millennium - the beggining of the II millennium.


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