Public Institution "Lazdijai Tourism Information Center"

Mound of Krikštonys


The mound is located on a promontory. The site is oval, elongated in the east-west direction, 12x10 m in size, surrounded by a 0.8 m high and 6.5 m wide embankment, which is the highest on the western edge (5 m high, 23 m wide). The embankment's surface is paved with stones. The slopes are steep, 14-15 m high. The embankment was dug in three places. The mound is overgrown with mixed forest. To the west of the mound, on an area of 0.7 ha, is a settlement at the foot of the hill, where streaked and roughened pottery and slag have been found. The mound dates back to the 1st millennium - 13th c.