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Hiking trail in the hills of Prelomčiškės

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Briefly about the route
2.2 km
1.5 h.
Route surface
50% Asphalt
50% Forest path

The length of the trail is 3.2 km

Location - northwestern shore of Lake Dusia (Lazdijai district)
The starting and ending point is a place of respite, 1.5 km south of Prelomčiškės mound, a place on the map .
WGS coordinates - 54.304194, 23.659444.
The trail is circular.
Take 1 hour. 20 min.
Pavement - a mowed path through a meadow, asphalt road.

Prelomciškės hill meadows are dry steppe meadows with small areas in Lithuania and even in the European Community. The plants in these meadows are adapted to an environment with low humidity and relatively high temperatures. Lean pluck eyes delight on the second and third decades of May. The hills look most beautiful in late June and July, when geraniums, lizards, nobles, alfalfa and slopes bloom. Then the ridges ’hats and slopes flicker in different colors of grass blossoms.

It offers spectacular views of Lake Dusia. The highest point of the trail is as high as 25 meters above the water level of Lake Dusia. In the northern part of the trail there is the Prelomčiškės mound.

It is most convenient to stay in the parking lot in the southern part of the trail.

Information from Meteliai Regional Park page

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