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Hiking trail in Bijotai-Širvintas forests

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Briefly about the route
3.4 km
1.5 h.
Route surface
1% Asphalt
10% Dirt road
90% Forest path
1% Singletrack

Beyond the Cognitive Trail

The length of the route is ~ 3.5 km

Location - Bijotai and Širvintas forests, between Dusia and Metelis lakes (Lazdijai district)
The start and end points are at the Meteliai Regional Park Visitor Center, near the swing (WGS coordinates - 54.283968, 23.741395 ). The trail is circular.
Take 1 hour. 15 min
Distance from Alytus - 31 km
Coverage - natural soil (sand, soil), in the swamp - plastic floating bridge.

Take a large variety of forests: dry pine forest with junipers, a group of centuries-old oaks, dark black alder, moist black alder. In the key forest habitat, where no economic activity takes place, the abandoned trees are rotten and rotten here. In the intermediate type swamp blooms three-leafed plumage, swampy steppe, common cranberry and round-leaved sunflower. In spring and autumn you can watch flocks of migratory water birds in the expanses of Lake Dusia.

The trail is marked with green and white stripes on the trunks of the trees. Information boards have been built in the most interesting places. It is recommended to travel clockwise. It is possible to travel on your own or with a guide from the Regional Park Authority by booking a sightseeing tour in advance.

The specialists of the Directorate conduct educational activities for students: “Inter-lake forests and swamps”, “Swamp ecosystem”, “Knowledge of forest ecosystems - herbaceous plants”.

Places of interest near the cognitive trail: Visitor Center (30 m), Meteliai Observation Tower (0.9 mi / 1.5 km), Great and Driven Oakwoods (0.8 km and 1 km), Shrine of the Cross (3.1 miles), Prelomciškės Mound (12 , 5 km). The distance from the beginning of the educational trail to the point of interest by bicycle or car is indicated in brackets.

Other details . The car can be stored in a spacious paved parking lot. 350 meters from the start of the trail, the trail branches off. By choosing the right branch, you would overcome a shorter route of 2.9 km.



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