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Ištvanos Kvik and SARE ROMA will hold an impressive show in Lazdiyi

Blood-stirring GYPSY FIESTA travels through Lithuania! After visiting more than ten cities in the spring, in the fall SARE ROMA and Ištvan Kvik invite you to exceptional Roma theater performances in other Lithuanian cities. This time, SARE ROMA comes to those cities where they have never been or visited for a very long time, but there are many listeners and fans waiting there. The first stop of their concert tour is Lazdijai.

GYPSY FIESTA is not an evening of songs. The SARE ROMA concert is a colorful, fiery performance with exclusive costumes, special light and sound effects. The group comes with a program that was developed by a whole team of professionals. "Every time after the concerts, we hear that people do not forget such a spectacle for a long time, and after seeing it once, they are happy to buy tickets as a gift for their relatives or friends. For those who like high-quality stage performances, it is necessary to see SARE ROMA's performance at least once", says SARE ROMA's leader I. Kvik. And already on September 27. Everyone who wants to can see this spectacle in the Lazdijai cultural center. Tickets are already on sale.

The SARE ROMA team prepares for the GYPSY FIESTOS tour not only by carefully creating not only different sets of costumes for the performers, but also many different decorations and unconventional solutions on stage. "And everything will be crowned by your warmth and applause, dear viewers. You have repeatedly proven that songs performed from a wide Roman heart do not leave anyone indifferent, while passionate and virtuoso music enchants and gives the best feelings and emotions", says I. Kvik.

On the stage you will see the soul of SARE ROMA, Ištvanas Kvik, his stage partners vocalists Roža and Aliona. Group of musicians: Artūr Sabilo (guitar), Viktoras Krasauskas (drums), Michail Kvik (guitar), Gabriela Sabilo (violin). SARE ROMA dancers Kristina and Angela will catch the rhythms of the music and conjure up colorful dance moves.

The concert will include everyone's favorite songs "Lietuvaitė", "Aš turtingas", "Tie keliai", and traditional enchanting Roma songs, as well as completely new, recently composed works presented during the Roma festival in 2022. in autumn "We bring you, dear listeners and viewers, the greatest gift - the best emotions that heal and remind you how beautiful life is!" We can't wait to meet", says SARE ROMA leader I. Kvik.

Spectacular GYPSY FIESTA concert in Lazdijai already on September 27. You can buy tickets at the cash desk of the cultural center and at