Fast food

Next to the Meteliai Regional Park Visitor Center there is a food van "Passenger". He was brought to the park by Kristina and Vidas Stašauskas. Here you can buy not only coffee or ice cream, but also eat pancakes, and for those who want something traditional - potato pancakes with “Darycinis” sauce (made from sour cream, cottage cheese, seasoned with garlic, pirpira and salt). Kristina Stašauskienė herself is a Dzūkė from Kumečiai village, only 6 km away from Meteliai. But it took a couple of decades for the business to bring it back to its homeland. "Passenger" started last year during quarantine and worked until the end of the season in October. And this year we tasted the first pancakes on May 1st. We look forward to seeing you !

All information about working hours is published on your facebook account.


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    Puikus maistas ir atmosfera. Ačiū už viska!