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Laura's kitchen

Made in Lazdijai region

Welcome to N. Kirsna Rural Community Committee "Laura's Kitchen"! Laura Urbanskaitė has been working in the rural community since 2021, but she has more than 20 years of experience in preparing food for celebrations and events.

We make one-bite sandwiches, mini burgers, assorted meats, fried dumplings (with pork, chicken, mushrooms, cheese fillings), various traditional Lithuanian dishes, we cook homemade stuffed chicken, various meat or fish steaks, kibinas, dzūki (salmon, herring, etc.), we make various meat and fish rolls, we bake crispy chicken fingers, crabs, onion rings, shrimp in batter, we make baked bread cakes, we can bake an impressive looking stump of ribs! We also have a separate menu for children.

This is fresh food made from the highest quality products for your celebrations. We provide catering services, from small cozy holidays to large events.

On Thursdays we deliver lunch to your workplace!