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Juozas Petrauskas honey and bee products

Made in Lazdijai region
  • In Lazdijai region, beekeeping has been practiced since ancient times, when the Jotvingians still lived here, who were engaged in forest beekeeping in this area. Nowadays, both amateurs and professionals are engaged in this craft in our country. The bee honey of the Lazdijai region is special in that there are a lot of natural vegetation, arable fields, swamps and a lot of forests in this region. The region of Lazdijai and Seinai is a border area, the land of which in the border section is uncultivated, not cultivated, not planted in relatively large areas, therefore the vegetation is very natural and diverse. The land is not contaminated with herbicides or pesticides, so the honey collected in this area has invaluable health benefits and a large number of exceptional beneficial substances. Honey of exceptional taste harvested in these areas is marked with the EU Protected Designation of Origin "Honey from the Sejny / Lazdijai region" / Miód z Sejneńszczyzny / Loździejszczyzny
  • "If everyone eats honey, no one goes to the pharmacies, they will not buy medicines, the pharmacies will have to close," smiles Juozas Petrauskas, the chairman of the Lazdijai District Beekeepers' Association, who has been beekeeping for more than two decades . The beekeeper takes care of about 100 bee colonies. Sells not only honey, which is well known to everyone, but also other bee products: pollen, bee bread, bee pitch (propolis) and beeswax candles. Pollen is designed to boost immunity, bee bread is rich in vitamin trace elements, and propolis has disinfectant properties, it is a natural antibiotic.
  • For those looking for exceptional sensations, we offer to try bee therapy. You can do it in the apitherapy house of beekeeper Juozas Petrauskas. There are no bees inside the house, there are two wooden beds - hives. Do not be afraid, no bee can get inside through these hives, they fly through the hive into the hives from the outside. During therapy, lie down on a sun lounger, relax and lie down for at least 15 minutes. Bees humming in the hives under the beds cause vibrations that match the vibrations emitted by healthy human cells, so if the human body is depleted or has health problems, bee therapy is a great way to rebalance the body.
  • You can buy honey and other bee products at Lazdijai Tourism Center, Vilniaus st. 1 or email in the store


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