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Fish from Meteliai

Made in Lazdijai region

Do you want the real taste and aroma that people have enjoyed since ancient times? Bring home Metelii fish products! 15 years ago, Neringa Radziukynienė and her husband Ramūnas chose this path, continuing the tradition of smoking fresh fish invented by her husband's grandparents. Her husband's grandfather was an experienced fisherman, her grandmother was the best smoker of fish in Metelei. At that time, Meteliai was famous as a fishing village, where you could buy freshly smoked seliav. More than one family was engaged in this. According to the businesswoman, they smoke various fish according to an ancient recipe inherited from her husband's grandparents. They took over not only the recipes, they also used the old smokehouses at the beginning. "Metelii Fish" gets its taste and aroma only from natural spices and real alder smoke, without any dyes or pigments! Pamper yourself and your loved ones with Metelii fish products!

  • Since August 24, 2012, the smoked fish of Neringa Radžiukinienė has been certified as a National Heritage Product certificate.

You can buy fish products from:

II- Dainava market (next to the "MAXIMA" store V. Krėvės pr. 13 7.00-13.00
Panemune market (square at Vaidoto st. 80 8.00-12.00
III- Šilainiai market (next to the store "IKI" 23 Žemaičiu pl. 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Savanoriu PR. 255 at "HYPER MAXIMA" 8.30-16.00
IV- Dainava market (next to the store "IKI" V. Krėvės pr. 80A-82C 7.30-12.30
V- Lampėdžių market (next to the "MAXIMA" store 8.00-18.00
The Lower Šancių Market (next to the polyclinic A. Juozapavičius Ave. 8:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
Vaišvydava, Piliuonas st. parking lot in front of the "MAXIMA" store 14.00-18.00
VI- Čečenia square market near the "IKI" store, Lukšio st. 60 7.30-13.00
Farmers' market near Zalgiris Arena 7.00-12.00

III- Vilkaviškis market place 6.00-13.00

IV- Čiurlionio str. 107 near the store "IKI" 8.00-18.00
VI- Čiurlionio str. 107 near the store "IKI" 8.00-18.00

IV- Veisiei market place 7.00-11.00

IV- Kaunas str. Inner yard of the municipality 12.00-17.00

V- Darius and Girėno str. 8 near the store "NORFA" 8.00-13.00

II, V, VI- Jazminai market place 8.00-13.00

III, V - Alytus st. 4A, next to the shop "Sodžius" 14.00 - 17.00