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Movie Monday. Movie "Tiger's Journey in the Himalayas"


Tiger's Journey in the Himalayas (dubbed)
Tiger's Nest (dubbed) (2022)
Genre: Adventure
Made in: Italy
Duration: 1h 34 min
Census: For viewers of all ages
In the fertile valleys at the foot of the mighty Himalayas, lives an orphan named Balmanis. One night, Balmani accidentally sees poachers shoot a tiger and throw its cub into a cage, hoping to sell it at a profit. Unable to just stand by and do nothing, the boy, under cover of the darkness of the night, frees the tiger from its captivity. He knows full well that now, with poachers hot on his heels, he has no choice but to travel to a monastery also known as "Tiger's Nest", located high in the mountains, where the monks who live protect, care for and care for the endangered mighty tigers.

Together with a tiger named Muktis, Balmanis embarks on a long journey, where constant hiding, fatigue while climbing mountains, cold and many other dangerous adventures await. But Balmanis is determined not to stop at any obstacle and desperately take Mukti to his new safe home.

The film is dubbed in Lithuanian, without subtitles.
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