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Movie for the whole family "Teddy Bear's Christmas"


The movie for the whole family "Teddy Bear's Christmas" is about the miracles we are all waiting for.
The small town is enveloped in a fabulous Christmas spirit. There is a feeling of winter wonder and magic in the air, all the residents rush to the Christmas market, where there is the truest pre-holiday chaos. Little girl Mirijan is also waiting for the most beautiful holidays of the year. She along with her little brother, mom and dad decorated the Christmas tree a long time ago, grandma and grandpa will come soon and they will all sit at the table together for a festive dinner, and then the real magic will begin! At the last minute, Mirijan's mother sends the girl to the store for nuts, because her little brother ate them, and without them the spell is impossible!
On the way from the store, Mirijan's attention is caught by the Christmas lottery. Next to the many toys that can be won, the girl sees what she has dreamed of all her life - a cute soft teddy bear! Their blind date, Mirijan is absolutely sure - he is ALIVE! If Teddy bear could live with her, she would be the happiest girl in the whole world, but ... not everything is so simple! It turns out that Teddy has other dreams - he would like a rich adult to win the lottery, not a child, and then they would travel the wide world together! Strangely familiar, Mirijan and teddy bear don't even suspect that soon both of them will have incredible adventures full of miracles that only happen at Christmas!
A cozy, instructive Christmas tale for the whole family about the importance of friendship, the warmth of loved ones, coziness and miracles, which we are all waiting for in cinemas from December 16!
FILM PREMIERE: 12/16/2022
DIRECTOR: Andrea Eckerbom
DURATION: 78 min.
STARRING: Marte Klerck-Nilssen, Jan Gunnar Røise, Mariann Hole, Nader Khademi and others.
GENRE: Adventure

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