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Hiking route "Climb over the breath"

For those who no longer have short walking paths, Meteliai Regional Park has prepared an 11 km long route "Climb over Dusia". The route is marked on a google map. The central part of the route passes through the Žagariai geomorphological reserve, which is intended to preserve the area formed by the edge of the glacier with large steep hills. The hills of Dzūkija are not alpine mountains, but it is worth wandering after them. The culmination of the route is an impressive panorama of Lake Dusia. This viewpoint rises 43 meters above the surface of the lake.

The ring route begins and ends on the shores of Lake Dusia at the Meteliai Regional Park Visitor Center. During the non-quarantine period, the visitor center is open on Saturdays. In the second kilometer it is worth seeing a swamp with a small lake. A frequent visitor appreciates the swamp because of its photogenicity. And naturalists are interested in a rare inhabitant of the lake - a small fish lake rainbow, which feels great in the water even in conditions of lack of oxygen. In winter, the fish sleeps in the mud of the bottom, so it is not scared if the body of water freezes to the bottom.

During the trip you will reach the street villages of Žagariai and Nakrūniškės. The vast majority of rural homesteads are located on both sides of the same street. The residential houses still retain the features of Dzūkija - modest, one-storey, with broken windows. This route is especially fun to walk in the fall when the red maple leaves are red.

Not only the vastness of Lake Dusia, but also the famously restored Temple of the Cross can be seen from the site of the Trakai desert view.

The last section of the route leads to the sandy shores of Lake Dusia, which is particularly wide this autumn.

The route can be tracked in google navigation ( ) or in an app that displays GPX files. The address for downloading the GPX file is . The first kilometer will be accompanied by a yellow sun against a blue background. This section of the route coincides with the pilgrimage road of Camino Lituano. You will only need to follow the digital route map later.

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