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Equestrian farm of Aštriosioji Kirsna Manor

Horseback riding

Horses are bred in the renovated stables of the manor, with the possibility for visitors to ride, if booked in advance, on the Facebook page of the Aštriosios Kirsna Manor or by phone.

Cars are not allowed to enter the territory of the manor, they must be left at the gate, which is forced, but the passage is left for people.

STORAGE RENTAL FOR HORSES With the possibility to train privately

  • Stables - restored historic, cozy, constantly ventilated, with places for bathing, bathing, saddle.
  • The stalls are cleaned daily by the equestrian, with automatic drinkers, sliding doors and a straw hopper.
  • The manege is spacious, with no more than 1-2 riders at a time.
  • Possibility to spend the day in the leva (with several peaceful horses or in a separate).
  • Fodder: hay / hay, oats.
  • Feeding your leftover vitamins, putting on guns, and more.
  • You can arrange for the services of a vet, dentist, osteopath and chiropractor together as needed.
  • The stud farm is located in an exclusive, constantly maintained territory of the manor. The area is private and extremely quiet, so you will meet only a few people here - an advantage especially during quarantine.
  • The horses are cared for by Sonata Baršketutė, a long-term horse trainer and lover who lives on site.
  • Opportunity to learn to ride on your horse from the ground up, practice show jumping, exclusive riding without gait or with cordeo.
  • If you do not have a vehicle to bring the horse to us, we can take care of it.

Those who know our trainer Sonata know that she stands out for her approach to horses and love for them. Specialization of the sonata: training of horses with complex character, health problems and adjustment of riders' habits, paying special attention to the anatomy and movement of the horse.

So we especially want to pay attention to riders who face certain horse problems or want to try a different way of training. Also, we accept horses for rehabilitation after injuries.