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V. Stankevičius homestead "Joginta"

Rural tourism homesteads

The homestead is located in the territory of Veisiejai Regional Park, by the Šlavantėlis Lake. Beautiful environment, there are many other lakes around (Šlavantas, Giluišis, Palšinis, Liūnelis, etc.). Individual dwelling house for vacationers (5 rooms, kitchen with antique bakery oven) and a separate cottage with a fireplace. The food is prepared by the holidaymakers themselves, and the kitchen has all the necessary utensils. The homestead can accommodate 20 people at a time. The house has all amenities (showers, hot water, toilets). Guests are welcome all year round.
On the shore of the lake there is a sauna, an outdoor sauna (tent), next to the sauna a gazebo with an outdoor fireplace, swings. Entertainment: children's playground, swings, pedal boats, boats, garden furniture, pier, fireplace, kayaks, fishing, billiards, table tennis, basketball and beach volleyball courts. It is possible to set up tents.
New: we kindly invite you to try swimming in the outdoor sauna - hot tub! We also offer to try an outdoor tent sauna (the stones are heated with an open fire), a natural mint infusion on the stones is prepared.




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