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Rural tourism homestead "Valley of Happiness"

Rural tourism homesteads

In the town of Kapčiamiestis, in the bend of the White Ančia River of impressive beauty and on an area of 1 hectare of land, a resting place or a place for small family celebrations is offered. The whole territory of the homestead is surrounded by a 500-meter bend of the White Ančia River, an 8-acre clear water pond was dug in the territory in 2017, and a sauna house was built. The unique nature of Dzūkija and the large valley - the Valley of Happiness - will allow you to have a pleasant time, the nearby forests will invite you to mushroom, the flow of the river - to try your hand at kayaking. 15 places for family celebrations. Accommodation - 10 people. The kitchen has a fridge, gas hob, hot water, essential utensils and utensils. There is a shower and WC, barbecue, barbecue, firewood, volleyball, basketball, badminton courts, swings, sunbeds, hammocks, trampoline, sandpit for children, fireplaces. Bridges were built by the river and the pond. 8-seater sauna and other entertainment. There is plenty of space for tents or campers in the area. Canoeing on the chosen route.




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