Public Institution "Lazdijai Tourism Information Center"

J. Liaukonis homestead

Rural tourism homesteads

You are always welcome in Jonas Liaukonis rural tourism homestead. This region, famous for its beautiful pine forests, forests rich in mushrooms and berries, as well as hills and mounds, which overlook the lakes and river meanders. When visiting Jonas Liaukonis rural tourism homestead, all the sights of this region will be within easy reach. Homestead owners can offer you both active and passive recreation. Lovers of active entertainment can go kayaking, play basketball, volleyball, outdoor tennis, quad biking, snowmobiling. Those who like to relax not so actively can enjoy the pleasures provided by the sauna and hot tub, go boating, fishing. The homestead is also equipped with a large playground for children. Upon arrival at the homestead you will be accommodated in cozy rooms on the shore of the lake, with log cabins with all amenities and a kitchen. This rural tourism homestead is not large, so there are not many holidaymakers here and you will be able to enjoy peace and entertainment.