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The festival "Pasienio fiesta 2024" will rock Lazdiju: impressive performances, vintage cars and music legends

A concert program by music legends - "Hyperbolė" and "Rondo" and the vocal Evgenya Redko, a breathtaking theatrical procession, vintage cars flooding the city, performances by foreign groups, cheerful chicken races and entertainment will invite families to welcome summer in Lazdijai. On June 7-8, the city will pulsate with life, and the activities will amaze residents and guests of the Lazdija region of different ages. The motto of the festival - "From the heart of the oak, springs will start" - this year is dedicated to the work of Motiejas Gustaitis. All participants and spectators of the festival will be invited to discover their source, from which they can draw freedom, love, creativity and energy.

The program includes exclusive entertainment

"An intense city festival marathon awaits. Traditionally, we will start the festival with a theatrical procession passing through Lazdijs. Later, there will be concerts, a show of vintage cars, entertainment for children, families and young people. Continuing the annual tradition, I invite everyone to welcome the summer with a bang", said the mayor of the municipality, Ausma Miškinienė, about the expected program.

The celebration "Pasienio fiesta 2024" Lazdija will be welcomed by an impressive, theatrical procession that has become an integral part of it, connecting the entire Lazdija region. A colorful procession of institutions, companies, organizations, collectives and communities will once again circle the heart of the city - Independence Square - and wind its way from the Lazdijai Cultural Center to the city park. Here the participants of the procession will join the guests of the festival and watch the performances. The Lazdijai cultural center will surprise you with an artistic program, and an honorary citizen of the Lazdijai district municipality will be solemnly announced.

Spectators in Lazdijai will see a show of vintage cars, famous for their unique and impressive vehicles. You will be able to see them more closely in the city park during the festival. The audience will be entertained by the chicken race, which has become a tradition. During them, the host's winged animals will have to run the distance through the metal mesh tunnel, encouraged and encouraged in every way. Fishing enthusiasts will be invited to the spinning competition.

The celebration "Pasienio fiesta 2024" will be decorated with a floristic plein air that gives meaning to the work of Motiejus Gustaitis. 7 colorful sculptures created during it will land in the spaces of the city park and will delight park visitors even after the end of the celebration.

The celebration will be crowned with an innovation

The two-day celebration will be crowned by a novelty - the Youth of the Year awards. This year, the traditional evening for young people will be part of the biggest celebration of the Lazdija region "Pasienio fiesta 2024".

Awards will be presented to the most talented and hardworking young people of the Lazdija region who distinguished themselves in their activities last year - the winners of pre-announced nominations. Some of the planned nominations: "Young Entrepreneur of the Year", "Ambassador of the Year", "Youth Project of the Year". The full list of nominations and the invitation to choose their winners will be published soon. After the official part and the awards, the evening will be crowned by the concert of the band "Hyperbolė" chosen by the youth.