"Through the lace box"


From October 13 to November 5, the Veisiejai Regional Museum invites visitors to look at the world created by folk artists in paper curtains - to visit the exhibition "Through the Lace Box".

Although lace is usually made of yarn, four famous authors, famous in the field of folk art as meticulous masters of scissors, cut the curtains on display at the museum out of paper. These are Diana Lukošiūnaitė from Druskininkai, Lina Kabelkaitė from Leipalingis, Gita Kolosovienė from Obeliai and Virginija Jurevičienė from Kupiškis.

Folk artists stand out not only for their various rise places, but also for their unique creative style and favorite themes, and each of their work is especially detailed and worth a long look. Abstracts inspired by natural motifs, Baltic ornaments, rural scenes, trees of life, forest and meadow inhabitants and even heraldic symbols of our district flash in the carvings.