Public Institution "Lazdijai Tourism Information Center"

The play "Such a Life"


On the occasion of the upcoming holidays, dear viewers, the VEIDAI theater studio presents the play "THIS LIFE IS LIKE THAT". Heard the phrase - that's life already? And what is he? Well - SUCH and very different! Depending on the point of view. After all, there are as many people as there are stories. As many stories as there are different lives. And if we also pay attention to the decisions, moods, coincidences, expectations and coincidences of that moment, then here is a cocktail called - THIS IS LIFE. Delicious!
Slightly thickened colors (due to attractiveness) for your attention - comedy TOKS ŽEVIMAS. Starring: Miglė Stonkutė, Danguolė Supranavičienė, Kristina Švitrienė, Asta Jastremskaitė, Virginijus Golikas, Jurgita Juknevičienė, Laimutis Juškaitis, Erika Petrauskienė, Meda Grabauskaitė and Marina Supravićiūtė. Director and screenwriter: Rita Kulakauskienė.