Public Institution "Lazdijai Tourism Information Center"

Photographers' exhibition "Vasarvidios Varėna"


This is the result of the action of Lithuanian photographers held during the Varėna Cultural Center's project "Summer Midsummer Dance, Music and Light Festival in Varėna", where everyday images of Varėna are artistically revealed. Members of the Alytus Photographers' Club and the Vilnius Photographers' Club "Fotokablys", students and teachers of the Alytus branch of the Kaunas School of Applied Arts took part in the campaign.
During the campaign, photographers captured interesting images and people of Varėna. Each photographer has his own style, his own worldview, so it was very interesting to observe how each of them sees Varėnas, what city views catch the artist's eye, how they are able to convey what appears to be an everyday and common city object to us through the prism of art and originality. This is how, at first glance, different photographs by different authors came together in a very coherent exhibition, which represents our city Varėnas and gives meaning to the slogan on the city sign - "Land of old traditions and new opportunities". Because here, in Varėna, next to the authentic huts decorated with shutters and canopies, modern drawings on the buildings attract the eye, and next to the pinavis blooming in the mornings in the nurseries, brightly colored 3D projections spread out after the sun goes down.
The project aimed to strengthen cooperation relations with the municipalities of Alytus, Druskininkai, Marijampolė, Lazdijai. The exhibition has already been exhibited in Varėna, Alytus, Druskininkai, Marijampole, and it will complete the activities of the project "Festival of Midsummer Dance, Music and Lights in Varėna" in Veisiejai.
We hope that this exhibition will encourage residents of Lazdijai district to visit Varėna more often and discover its unique beauty!

The project is partially financed by the Lithuanian Culture Council and Varėna District Municipality.