Public Institution "Lazdijai Tourism Information Center"

Patterns of frost


Why frost patterns? Because it's white, because it's still winter outside the window.
As some of the authors of the works in the exhibition tried the art of cutting for the first time, others are already advanced. Cutting curtains by folding is the simplest and oldest way of cutting curtains, which does not require a pencil, special scissors or knives. You only need to fold the paper properly and cut out the desired shapes: leaves, squares, strips, lilies, balls or squares. Clipping in this way is fun, because even a novice clipper always gets the job done. We invite you to visit!
Authors of works: Daiva Stravinskienė, Birutė Čmukienė, Aldona Margelienė, Julijona Kunigelienė, Vida Vaškevičienė, Vilma Matulevičienė, Birutė Dambrauskienė, Danutė Makulienė, Roma Pekarskienė, Rimutė Glavinskienė, Odeta Barkauskienė.