Lazdijai d. sav. student drawing competition-exhibition "I know Mother-Earth" to commemorate M.Gimbutienė's year

In the Lazdijai Regional Museum in 2021. November 20 - 2022 On January 12, the Lazdijai District Municipality student drawing competition-exhibition “I Know the Mother-Earth” will be exhibited to commemorate the year of M. Gimbutienė.
218 drawings of students from 11 schools of Lazdijai district municipality were submitted to this competition-exhibition: Veitisie Sigitas Geda Gymnasium, Lazdijai school-kindergarten “Vyturėlis”, Lazdijai school-kindergarten “Kregždutė”, Lazdijai Motiejus Gustaitis gymnasium, Lazdijai art school, Šazdijai art school school, Lazdijai School of Art, Veisiejai Art Department.
The works submitted to the competition-exhibition will be evaluated in the following age groups:
Group I - up to 6 years, Group II - 7–10 years, Group III - 11–14 years, Group IV - 15–18 years. The works will be evaluated taking into account the disclosure of the topic, the authenticity and originality of the submitted idea, creativity, artistic expression, technical solution. The works will be evaluated by an evaluation commission formed by the order of the director of the Lazdijai Regional Museum. First, second and third places will be awarded from each group of participants. Their winners will be awarded souvenirs established by the director of the Lazdijai Regional Museum and Lazdijai District Municipality.
The exhibition will be on display until January 12. We invite you to visit the museum and vote for one of your favorite drawings from each age group