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Christmas tree lighting celebration in Lazdijai "Tale for the city princess"

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Every year in Lazdijai, a festive Christmas tale is created, the center of which is the city's main green square. Traditionally, the main Christmas tree of the district is decorated with symbols that have a special meaning. This year, like last year, the hazelnut motif will be maintained - as part of the city's history and name, a sign of new beginnings, health, fullness and kindness.
The Christmas tree in the Independence Square of Lazdija will light up on December 9. 4 p.m. in the event - A FAIRY TALE TO THE PRINCESS OF THE CITY. From the very morning, the residents and guests of the city will be delighted by the market of delicacies, gifts and trinkets, and Santa Claus will invite children and their parents to a meeting. During the event, the children, youth, groups and performers of Lazdija region will follow the "Tale of the City Princess" and present songs and the most beautiful dances. Kindness to share and hugs will be invited by a giant bear, who will symbolically respond to the theme of these magical holidays - "Let's surround each other with Christmas kindness".
We are glad that the joint-stock company "ORLEN Lietuva" is sharing the kindness and providing support for decorating the Christmas tree in the city of Lazdija.
So Lazdijai invites you to illuminate Christmas with kindness and immerse yourself in the labyrinth of cozy lights and spectacles. Next to the decorated Christmas tree, there will also be a Briedziuk courtyard, where various Christmas educational programs and activities will take place during the festive period, institutions and organizations will create a park of festive art installations in Adolfos Ramanauskas-Vanagas Square, and a symbolic carousel will spin magically near the Lazdijai Cultural Center.
Let Lazdija's Christmas tale create a cozy festive period, fill everyday life with health, fullness and wrap it in the goodness of Christmas.