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Children's film "Fairy prank"


December 7 6 p.m. Movie The Fairy's Mischief (dubbed)
Genre: Animation
Made in: Germany
Duration: 1h 20 min
Census: For viewers of all ages

Would you like the tooth fairy to be your friend? If so, the animated film for the whole family FAIRY ADVENTURE is just for you!

Opening her eyes one morning, little Maxë can't believe it - Violeta, the very cute tooth fairy, is sleeping as peacefully as possible in her doll's house with her wings folded. It turns out that she is carrying out a very serious mission - the little girl is looking for a milk tooth, which she must take to the world of fairies. It's just a problem that mischievous Violeta entered the human world completely secretly, without passing any "milk teeth delivery" exam! Although at the fairy school she was told that the human world is very dangerous, but Violet likes it! There are so many unseen and unheard of things here! Especially chocolate!

After accidentally damaging the "fairy" tooth transport button, the curious Violet gets stuck in the human world. Max's new girlfriend becomes the real challenge! Wherever she appears, she causes the greatest chaos, she does not know how to cast spells at all, and as soon as she tries, she turns everything into flowers. However, no matter how happy she is in the human world, Violet must return home, if she does not do so in time, her magical powers will disappear forever, and she herself will turn into a flower. As the spell weakens, Max and Violet make a deal. Max will help Violeta return to the fairy world, and Violeta will try to get Max back to live with her grandmother in the village! Because she doesn't like living in the city with her mother's new friend and acquiring even 2 new "uncool" stepbrothers. But everything goes wrong... The two friends can only be helped by miracles and Maxe's "new family", which turns out to be not so bad after all!

"Fairy Mischief" is a fun, funny, magical adventure and magic animated story for the whole family about true friendship that will help you overcome even the biggest obstacles. Real entertainment for the whole family in cinemas from October 14.

The film is dubbed in Lithuanian, without subtitles.

Director: Caroline Origer